Selling/Converting ADA in Yoroi Wallet?

I originally bought my ADA (my first crypto purchase) on Coinbase. So only platform I am familiar with which was very easy to buy/sell, etc. Recently, i learned about staking so I sent my ADA to Yoroi walled from Coinbase. I just realized I had info blindside. To my surprise Yoroi isnt like Coinbase. Is it true that Yoroi cannot hold anything (basically) than ADA. I wanted to explore selling some ADA and holding fiat currency in Yoroi wallet or exchanging a small sum to a stable coin and didnt see a way to do it within Yoroi. Sooo…when I try to exchange or sell it appears I have to use something called Changelly to facilitate sell or exchange but I still need another wallet, apparently, to send the fiat or stable coins that Changelly sells or converts. So should I create a new wallet from one of the trusted Changelly partners or can I simply send back to Coinbase where i still have original wallet with a few crypto there. If so how do I do this…is it simply copying the wallet address at coinbase and use as receipient address of does the use of Changelly change things. any help will be appreciated because as of right now I dont know how to sell or convert from Yoroi wallet, something I didnt anticipate since my only prior experience was coinbase and for some niave reason I thought it would work the same way.

exchange ->yoroi wallet to store/delegate your ADA
yoroi wallet → exchange to spend the ADA

to send ADA back to coinbase go to coinbase and copy the receiver ADA address then go to yoroi amd send ADA to that address

First time check with a small amount !!!

Hi there can anyone tell me if I want to swap back assets to Ada on my yoroi wallet.

There comes the notification that my balance is to small even though there are small amounts I want to swap.

Why is that?

Thank yiu

For a swap you need some ADA for fees and some deposit that will come back with the result of the swap.

Additionally, some ADA are needed to accompany native tokens in your wallet and cannot be used freely.