Getting too old for this

Moving my ADA from Daedalus to Yoroi was a breeze, thankyou. But now I have to rescue my remaining ADA from CoinSpot, a reputable Australian exchange, so I can stake them whenever. Do I really have to enter a very long number with perfect accuracy or never see my precious ADA again? Help!

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Hi @OddPod,

This is the way i usually do it:

Open your Yoroi
Copy your address
Email it to yourself
Copy wallet address in your email
Paste and send

Hope that helps.

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Hi @OddPod,
If you’re still stuck after @Andy_Hendrikx 's instructions, please describe in detail where you’re stuck, and we will be here to help. It is relatively straightforward if you know how to copy and paste! Don’t hesitate to ask for support. :smiley:

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Many thanks for the help. Guess I can follow that advice.

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Hmm. I have a Windows 10 laptop and have installed the latest Chrome. I execute but do not see anywhere in that site to access my account which would, hopefully, have been created when I followed the path that transferred all my ADA from my three Daedalus wallets to Yoroi. Please, how do I get to my account so I can copy its address and move on to the next step?

From the poor quality of my question you can see my need for hand-holding! I am well into my eighties but am a keen HODLer and will persevere.

All the best, David at OddPod

Haven’t yet used Yoroi myself, hopefully someone more knowledgable will be along soon.

However, I can tell you that the Yoroi wallet is not a website but a Chrome extension. You must have installed it to get this far. So what you’re looking for now is a button in Chrome, probably to the right of the address bar, that will run the Yoroi extension.

Good luck!


OK, thanks. Looking. I do somehow have a PIN, password and recovery phrase of six words. Cheers

Hello David @OddPod!
Here is a link with step by step instructions, with photos, that could be useful for you. Scroll down straight to the 4th step.
You will see a section entitled Download the Yoroi Browser plugin, then instructions on how to use the Yoroi wallet.
Hope that helps!!

(On a side note, I have to say that I am VERY impressed to learn that you are well into your eighties and doing technical things like crypto. This is so cool! I have so much respect for you)


Many thanks for your kind remarks CosmosX, they are much appreciated!

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The Yoroi icon is almost invisible in the new version of chrome. The icon is black and so is the field around the address bar. It is just to the left of your avatar picture.

Always use the technique of Copy & Paste.

Always check the first 2 characters and the last 2 characters of the address.

Always send a small test payment (of a tiny amount) worth, for example, $1 before sending a serious amount.

Promise to do all of that! My savings are in ADA, so I am exceptionally careful with them. Cheers