Help me please with wallet

What are the official wallets for storing ada?help me.

Welcome @yuri4!

Full node Wallet is DAEDALUS:

Light Wallet is YOROI:

These are the main and official ones

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If you use the Google Chrome or Brave browsers, I would start with Yoroi. It’s just a chromium browser extension.

through which browser to enter the Yoroi wallet?

can i enter yoroi wallet through opera?

you get the Yoroi extension from the Chrome Web Store (free)

is it online or table wallet?

People are trying to help you and you are barraging with questions which one can easily google in few sec. Is this some kind of joke ?

maybe the people who answer me are scammers

That’s a good reason to do your own research using google or other search engine, not just ask questions here.

Yoroi wallet online or desktop, how to enter it, and how to save the link I constantly enter secret words when entering?

I don’t understand your problem. You say “online or desktop”, don’t you know it’s a browser extension? I don’t know what link you’re talking about, just click on the button and you’re in.

From what I read, your problem could be caused by the fact that you are “logging out” of Yoroi by deleting the extension.

If this is true, all data (like your encrypted private key), is deleted.

If you now “log in” you are actually restoring the wallet from your seed words.

In other words: you simply close the tab of Yoroi and open it again. No need to uninstall and reinstall the extension.

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so I need to go into chrome, in the upper right corner click on the downloaded link and I’m in my wallet?

If you mean this Untitled then yes.

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so I need to go into chrome, in the upper right corner, click on the downloaded link and I’m in my wallet? Why then the password, if I am transferred directly to my wallet without entering passwords?

Where to find the official link on Facebook to the Yoroi wallet?

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The password is used to encrypt your private key. It is called “the spending password” and you will need to enter it whenever you are sending funds. More informations about the spending password in this short video:

it’s about deadalus, about Yoroi, the same thing? but what is the name of the wallet for?