Help me with wallet

Yoroi wallet is maintained by Cardano to store its coins, and through which browser is it better to enter the wallet, and which version is better?

Here you have some info.

Official Cardano light browser-based wallet Yoroi developed in collaboration by IOHK and Emurgo.

Can be used on desktop, as an extension to browsers Chrome, Chromium, or Yandex-Browser.

Can be used on Android devices with the new Android app, or as an extension to Yandex Mobile Browser.


Google Play Android app:

iOS app:

Chrome Browser Extension:

General Tutorial video:

How to use “Trezor T” with Yoroi:

How to use with Ledger Nano S:
(*Same for Nano X, using a cable.)

How to transfer funds from Daedalus vid:

How to create paper wallets with Yoroi:

Safety tips: Wallet Safety 101

through opera can i use this wallet?

No. Firefox and Brave in addition to those listed above, no others.