EMURGO Celebrates Yoroi Wallet’s 1st Anniversary + Yoroi Anniversary Q&A

EMURGO - the official commercial arm of Cardano - recently celebrated the 1st anniversary milestone of the launch & release of Yoroi ADA Wallet for the global Cardano community. Yoroi Wallet is the first of EMURGO’s in-house products developed for Cardano in its mission to drive the global adoption of Cardano and aligns synergistically with Seiza Cardano Blockchain Explorer and the recent release of open source codebase Tangata Manu.

What is Yoroi Wallet?

Yoroi Wallet is a light-client wallet for Cardano ADA users developed in-house by EMURGO that is specifically designed to be simple, fast, and secure - a financial gateway to the future. Yoroi is fully functional and available for free download on iOS, Android, Chrome, & Firefox extension. To date, Yoroi Wallet has consistently enjoyed a high quality rating in all of its available app stores as it has delivered a spectacular user experience and also has a full engineering team developing updates and offering technical support on a full-time basis.

Over the first year of Yoroi Wallet, EMURGO has achieved quite a few significant milestones for Yoroi including integration of Cardano ADA with Trezor Wallet & Ledger Wallet, implementation by retail merchants to accept ADA payments, and others.

To get a detailed insight into the achievements of Yoroi Wallet over its first year, we’ve listed a few basic Q&A about Yoroi over the past year and looking forward.

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