How to safe my Cardanos

Hi guys,

I have a short question. What is the best place to safe my coins. It seems these days the Cardano Wallet have some huge problem and i need to trasfer some of my cardano amount. Should i use the Deadulus wallet, the ledger or something else. Sorry for the stupid question but i have no idea. There are alot of articles about it but i need support from the cardano community instead. :slight_smile:

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Yoroi it’s a better alternative for daedalus; I am using on my phone and works fine (because it is a light wallet)

!!! Be carefull if u create a new wallet in yoroi to bkp the security phrase !!!

First create a yoroi new wallet ; BKP ur security phrase!!! and set up your spending password

Send few ada from daedalus to yoroi like 2 ada… after that delete the yoroi wallet from yoroi… then restore… if you see your ADA in the balance it means you write the correct security phrase and you can send all ada from daedalus!

After go to delegation center in order to delegate your ADA … if yoh are looking for a pool check mine!

If u need more infos don’t hesitate to ask




Is it a official Cardano wallet? What would be other options?

Hey @Hudats

Yes Yoroi is an offical wallet from Cardano. Anyway id recommand you to make some researchs before using any of those wallets. A good source to start is this article : Cardano Community Support FAQ


Hi Hi,

why they created 2 wallets? Daedulus and Yoroi?

Daedalus it’s a full node wallet and yoroi it’s an alternative light wallet (which means u can have it also on mobile)


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I’m a little bit sceptical about losing my coins. Are they safe on the exchange?

Nope, u don’t have full controll …
Exchanges can ve hacked, can suspend your acitivity… better to keep them on wallet

You have 1 think to do… to not lose your ADA

Do NOT share or LOSS your security phrase

Ok thx for your help! I take a look on the yoroi wallet

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If u need more details please ask me

I will teach u how to do it right

sure i will come back later :kissing_heart:

Yoroi wallet is a browser plug in???

For desktop/laptop is extension of chrome
and for mobile is an app

i wll go with daedulus wallet than

No problem, daedalus the best but u need to wait a little bit more till sync

Last version is 3.1.0

Download it, create a shelley wallet and bkp your security phrase and set also the spending password

Then send a few amount …2-3 ada to daedalus and after that delete the wallet from daedalus (this is the final check that u bkp the security phrase correct)
Now go again to create and this time choose restore wallet;
If you can see your balance (2-3 ada sent before) then u can transferr all to daedalus!

!!! Bkp your phrase somewhere where only u have acceess (my recomandation is to have it write on papers also on an usb storage and keep it away from strangers )and don’t LOSS it, only with this security phrase you will be able to restore your wallet!

Thanks i will come back if i need more help

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I forgot something important! After all complete don’t forget to delegate!


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what is delegate?

More, if u move the ADA in your wallet u can delegate your ADA for earning passive income… average 5%

Delegation is the process by which ada holders delegate the stake associated with their ada to a stake pool. It allows ada holders that do not have the skills or desire to run a node to participate in the network and be rewarded in proportion to the amount of stake delegated.

This will be make from your wallet, your funds never leave the wallet and u will have always the option to move to another pool or to spend your funds (funds are not locked during delegation)!

Thansk for your help!!

So if I put my ada into the daedulus wallet i will get an average return of 5% on my full ada amount per day week month or year?

What will be the limit

I have a 20 reply limitation. So i will come back in 20 hours :joy: :smiley: (new user)