Self Cardano wallet

Does Cardano have their own wallet? like bitcoin(link:

There are 2 offical wallets for Cardano → Daedalus and Yoroi

As Zyroxa said there are two: Daedalus and Yoroi, but I think some extra info is needed:
Daedalus runs a full node on a desktop, so you will need a decent computer. It also takes some time to synchronize the entire blockchain the first time and some minutes to update (if you do not connect often). However, it is great to understand, select, and track staking pools.
Yoroi is a mobile app and much ‘lighter’.
I do not like to do any financial transactions on a mobile phone, so I stick to Daedalus. Maybe someone else can let you know about the advantages of Yoroi (I downloaded it but realize I do not really need it, so I have not done anything with it).
I am a rookie though. Have been on Cardano only about 2 or 3 months (and ADA is the only digital asset I have; I first looked only BTC and ETH but immediately thought that the Proof of Work mechanism had no future…)

You will find all the information (and some more) on the link i just provided :stuck_out_tongue:

by the way you can also install Yoroi as a browser extension :wink:

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