Best Cardano wallet

Hi, everyone!

I’m new at cardano community, I would like to ask what wallet would be best to use.

Thanks in advance to those who will give their time to answer. Cheers! :sparkles:

Hello and welcome. There are several good ones but it would be good to know if you want to use your computer or your mobile phone. Also, do you plan on using a hardware wallet?

Official wallet:

  • Daedalus (developed by IOHK) available only for desktop/laptop it’s a full node which means it will download all the blockchain on your machine - use more resources ~12G of RAM
  • Yoroi (deceloped by EMURGO) availabe for mobile and desktop/laptop it’s a light wallet and it will use less resources

Downlod only from official sources!

first time, create the wallet and BKP the seed word; then send only few ADA to the wallet and try to restore it using the seed words… if everything is fine after restore u can send all funds… and don’t forget to delegate!

It’s important to add that there are also new wallets built by trusted community members that are getting a lot of love at the moment.
Here are 2 of them, but with added features and less bugs than the official ones. Both are Light Wallets (browser extensions).

==> Compared to Daedalus /Yoroi, both of them (and Adalite) offer the possibility to do multi-delegation from a single wallet, without having to create several seed phrases for every new wallet.
You can also view your NFTs! That’s not the case with Daedalus /Yoroi.
And of course, both of them are compatible with cold wallets, such as Trezor or Ledger Nano S /X.
IMHO, they have cleaner interfaces too.

Anyone else having problems connecting daedulus after recent update?

Recommend Nami for hot wallet and Ledger for Cold Wallet. But honestly upto you to experiment and pick your poison.