I’m not able to download the daedelus programme as do not have a laptop. Any suggestions on whats the best app for wallets?

You probably want to download Yoroi Mobile.

Its also an offical wallet from Cardano.


Thanks, what are your thoughts on exodus?

I never used Exodus but i do prefer to stick with offical wallets like Daedalus or Yoroi :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all your help. Will download Yoroi.

Hi @Zyroxa ,
I’m thinking of installing a Yoroi wallet. But I’m a little skeptical because I looked at their website and they only have a roadmap until 2022. Now we’re already going into 2024. What’s going on with them? Do you have any experience?
Br, Simon

Yoroi is beeing developed by Emurgo, one of the founding entities of Cardano. They are still working on it and so you can use it for sure.

However i do prefer Typhon over Yoroi, because imo its more stable and a better UX.

Hi @Zyroxa
Thank you for your quick response. I would need something for a mobile phone, so an app. Which one do you recommend?
Br, Simon

I think VESPR is currently the mobile app to go but i have to be honest, i never used it myself as i dont use my smartphone for crypto stuff.

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