Minted token wallet

Hello. I minted a token. I would like to have a personal Wallet. Can I make a github fork to have a Deadalus wallet for my new token? Or: where could I find please a tutorial to create a complete asset based, on Cardano, comprehensive of the wallet steps?

you will need to install daedalus or yoroi (only from official sources)
Daedalus available only for PC
Yoroi available for PC and mobiles

So at the moment the self asset production and self NFT production are only configurable directly by node but without a private wallet. To have a complete asset with the tokens NFTs and wallet we must go elsewhere. Is it the state of the art around Cardano blockchain?

Can Yoroi be connected to the testnet? I minted a token there. Daedalus is not useful to make a tokenization service, it is too raw. Probably the private assets on Cardano could be made in the future, but now probably it is too early.

The FAQ page about Yoroi wallet and private assets is a 404 page!

as far as I know yoroi does not have a wallet for testnet