Native Tokens on a Yoroi in Ledger

Hey guys,
I got my ledger today and created a new Yoroi-Wallet with it.
I send some ada to it and it seems to be working mostly so far. At least trough Adalite.

The thing I wonder about is native Tokens like DANA (existing) and others yet to be released (Kube, Sundae, Meld etc.)

Can I send those to the Ledger-Adress and they will be stored there?

I got a bit confused with this info from Ledger.

Important notice regarding Cardano Smart Contracts

  • The Alonzo upgrade was deployed on Cardano mainnet on Sunday, September 12th, 2021.
  • This important upgrade equipped the Cardano network with smart contract capabilities.
  • Please note that the current Cardano app available through Ledger Live does not support smart contracts.
  • Our team is currently working on a new version, which you can expect in the coming weeks.
  • Once the new app is released, you’ll be able to use smart contracts through third-party apps like YOROI or AdaLite

Is it save to have native tokens on the ledger-yoroi at the moment?

Thanks. I would appreciate your unput.

Yes, all tokens built on Cardano can be stored in Daedalus or Yoroi… but first time send a small amount and check if they arrived on wallet

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Thank you.
Yes I tried it with Hosky and it worked so far.

So what ledger shared about the smart contracts (the quote above) which are not supported yet on ledger do not affect this? Is Ledger’s mentioning of smart contracts about sth. else than storing native tokens?