About Daedalus Wallet

Hey can anyone tell me about this
Like i a have website where every time a user create a new account his own Daedalus Wallet will also be created and also synced with our website where he can make transaction with our own Tokens.
I don’t want to access his wallet i just only want to make transaction easier for them.
His wallet will be completely secured.

Are you sure you want to take on the responsibility of creating the wallet? In order to create a wallet, users have to create a password as well as write down their recovery phrase, and also renter these words to confirm that it’s correct. I don’t think you can securely do that on a website.

If I think of how Metamask works, you have to create your wallet first before you can connect to dapp sites. Assuming you want that kind of functionality you should probably look at Yoroi instead of Daedalus

Thank you very much.
I’ll check Yoroi too.
I was also thinking to make my own wallet using any plugins if there’s any available which supports Cardano Native Tokens.