Ive had enough of the ridiculous sync times with Daedulus and the fact its taking up too much of my ssd. So is there anything I need to be aware of if I delete it all and how do I locate all files on mac osx? Should I sync up with new wallet on yoroi or something else first.
Also, if I was to reinstall and use the old HDD thats in caddy is it likely to take up the same amount of space? Thinks almost at the 160GB stage.

Id definitly recommand to restore your wallet before you are deleting everything.

Id also recommand to check out the different light wallets like Typhon, Eternl or NuFi as they are really awesome and Yoroi does still have some issues right now.

If you need more infos or help, feel free to message me or post here :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Which is best and safest recommended light wallet right now then?

If you are looking for security, id definitly recommand to use one of those wallets with a hardware wallet. Every other option isnt really secure as there are to many attack vectors.

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Right, I see. I heard a lot of bad things about Yoroi hence using Daedulus but it just takes up too much space. Say I was to switch to the HDD what would I need to do; Could I just copy and paste all the files over?

If you want to use a light wallet you dont have to copy anything. Simply restore your wallet with your seedphrase and you are done.

I am not talking about light wallets. I am saying if I was to keep Daedulus, could I just locate the files and copy them to different hdd?

Someone managed it on Mac not too long ago with this solution:

Keep in mind that Daedalus will take up tens of gigabytes of space and that this will keep growing (at a faster and faster pace).

Are these light wallets safe though?
Or maybe I should just sell what I have at a huge loss. Only seems to be getting worse.

Good enough for a lot of people. The difference is not huge. Both – Daedalus and light wallet apps – save your secrets on your disk encrypted with the spending password. If storage and spending password get compromised, the problem is the same on both.

The way to be as safe as it gets is a hardware wallet (with a seed phrase that never is given to anything else than the hardware wallet). And with that it matters even less if you use Daedalus or a light wallet app. Each transaction has to be approved on the hardware wallet, anyway.

That’s your decision alone. Nobody can guarantee you that there will be another bull cycle at some time. And that’s true for all cryptocurrencies, not just ADA.

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To be perfectly honest I wouldnt know where to begin!

Do I need to do anything with Daedulus before/after Vasil hard fork? I see that there is some new stuff reminding you of passwords etc.

There should be an update before the hard fork that you have to install, but it’s not there up to now.

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Ok the ssd is filling up fast with a recent update due to a small deposit. What should I do?

The space required by Daedalus does not depend on your funds/deposits at all. It is growing because the size of the Cardano blockchain as a whole is growing. And this will not stop and rather increase in the future.

This is getting repetitive. As said above, you can use one of the light wallet apps. Or you can try to move Daedalus’ storage to another drive.

Like I said I wouldnt know how. Regardless, I am using an older version on macosx.
I am well aware of the fact, only updating due to a recent transaction I made and want to see it updated.
If you dont want to offer any adivice or instruction then fine.

I already gave you the link

above. Can you try to ask more specifically what is not clear from that?

Alternatively, IOG’s method of moving the chain is here:

Or are we talking about using a light wallet app? Just install it in your browser and restore/import your wallet with the seed phrase. Links to the websites of the wallet apps can be found here:

Hi, maybe I’m wrong, but from reading your posts it seems to me like you’re not exactly the target audience of Daedalus. Daedalus is a wallet built around a full node, which means that it keeps a copy of the whole blockchain locally. If it doesn’t run constantly it can not update the blockchain continuously instead it must download (and validate) the missing part when you open it before it can do anything, and it can be hours if you last opened it a long time ago (depending on your machine and connection). With a light wallet the full node is run by the light wallet’s developers/maintainers, so this task is not your computer’s responsibility. It’s important to understand that the data that’s stored on your HD by Daedalus is not your wallet, but the history of all the transactions that happened on the blockchain. You might want to stick to Daedalus for:

  1. slightly increased security (more precisely less trust needed in others)
  2. features that only a full node can provide (e.g. block chain analysis, smart contract development)
  3. contributing to the health of the platform by providing decentralization and validation (your computer’s resources)

Your ability to access your funds does not depend on this data. It depends on your seed-phrase. You can even lost your computer until you have your seed-phrase, and you will be able to install a wallet (light or not) and recreate your wallet.

I won’t go into details, but as @HeptaSean pointed out if you use a HW wallet to store your credentials, that’s a much bigger security improvement than having Daedalus over a decent light wallet, like the ones @Zyroxa mentioned.

Again, @HeptaSean is right, that it’s your decision alone and that there is no guaranties regarding the price. These are the facts, but let me add one more. Everybody who lost money on cryptos did just that: bought high, sold low. (Ok, not everybody there are the ones who mismanaged their keys, or fell for a scam, or were hacked, etc.)

I hope all the really good, helpful and honest answers of the others make more sense now!

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Is there any hard wallet for Yoroi?

You can use Trezor and Ledger with Yoroi as far as i know.