Thanks for sharing this. I will look into it.

Would a Trezor Model One be sufficient?

No it looks like you need the Model T according to that list Trezor Hardware Wallet (Official) | The original and most secure hardware wallet. .

You’re right. And I checked and seems Model T covers Cardano. I am going to ask a stupid question. I take storing them on a hard drive like Trezor will not affect our on-going and future staking.

Im not sure if i understand your question correctly but it doesnt matter if you are staking from a software wallet or if you are storing your keys via a hardware wallet.

Thanks for your explanation. I just bought a Model T. Will let you know if I have any question. Thanks again

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Feel free to ask here if you need any assistance :slight_smile:

Thanks. Ive been trying to connect for last 3 days since recent update, ‘replaying ledger…’
Its ridicluous. Youre right. I think its time for an alternative.

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It might seem ridiculous, but it’s a feature not a bug. By replaying the ledger you contribute to the health and safety of the whole network by verifying the correctness of the blockchain. Never forget that there is no central authority in these systems. It’s not a service that someone provides for you, it’s a network where we all must provide if we want it to work.

Anyway if it takes 3 days to replay the ledger that also means that you’re running Daedalus on a pretty outdated hardware or weak network connection. For me it seems that 5.0.0 needed to replay the whole ledger from the beginning but yet for me it took only a couple of hours. I also run it on an outdated hardware and I also only run it periodically when I need it, so not the intended way which is continuous.

Fairly new MB and all fucking day again, to no avail.

Dog shit software, dog shit project/investment.

I’m out!

You dont have to use Daedalus. There are plenty of good light wallets out there to use like Typhon or Eternl. Simply connect your Ledger with them et voila, there you have your access to your coins.

Out of the fryer and into the fire springs to mind.

More scams.

Fuck this crypto shit Im sticking with things I know and trust from now on.

Sure thats up to you. But if you are here to spread negativity, you will be asked/forced to leave this forum.

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Undestood. Just stating fact and saying it as it is though. All the best.

If I recall correctly, you have said similar things multiple times over the months. …

Your decision. Nobody can tell if this crypto winter will end like the previous ones and your ADA will be worth more again.

You have been given a lot of honest possibilities for the technical problems by multiple people. None of these people is responsible for Daedalus being the monster it is. None of these people is responsible for you not wanting to try the light wallets (after saying you did want to). None of these people is responsible for the current exchange rate making it look like a bad investment.

(If you had invested in any other crypto at the same time, it would probably look comparably bad, right now.)

The only fact you’re exposing is that you don’t understand what you’re doing, you don’t listen to helpful people and you are upset by something you don’t understand. Calm down, try to be polite, and let us help you!

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There’s nothing wrong with Daedalus. I’ts slow to sync of course because you’re sinking the whole blockchain every time you run it. It takes up space and will continue to grow but that’s the nature of running a node. It is more robust and safer than any Cardano wallet currently around and there’s IOG continually developing and improving it.

But 3 days not syncing seems too long. There has been a Daedalus update to version 5.00.0 that runs the 1.35.3 node. Have you updated to that? Can you check Help → Daedalus Diagnostics if you’re running 1.35.3 node? You might not be syncing because you’re running on an older node.

What are the things that you trust and understand?

Art, watches and cars.

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Will Daedulus wallet speed up with vasil?
Not doing anything for the price, thats for sure. Just like Alonzo.