Daedalus Installation too large for HD on Mac


one year ago I’ve installed Daedalus Wallet on my Mac HD and transferred some Cardano to this wallet.
In the next months I opened the wallet sometimes and always had to sync the full blockchain.
This has needed some larger amounts of space on my HD (eg. ~60GB).

Now I’ve not made the sync for some months and tried it yesterday.
But Daedalus now needs too much space, the remaining space on my HD is about ~100GB, but this seems to be too less.
I’ve checked the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus/chain/immutable - this folder was filling about more than 100GB of my disk. Now I had to delete it, because disk space was completely filled.

My idea was to install it on an external HD, but when I try to install it, its not working because it needs Mac OS on the HD.

Now I’m not sure what to do. I only want to manage my cardano, not to operate of full node or something. Maybe this was not the right setup for my use case.

What would you recommend? I’ve read there are some other “lighter” wallets.
Sorry my knowledge on this techniques are not good - could I my cardano wallet on an other wallet and open it with the seed phrase?

Thank you very much to everybody who is helping.

As you are not interested in running a full node, id recommand to install a litewallet like Typhon or Eternl and restore your wallet there. In case you are using a hardware wallet, you have to connect your hardware wallet instead of restoring it with your seedphrase.


Thank you very much @Zyroxa.

I will try to achieve that.

Your answer helped me a lot.

You are welcome.

If you need any help or if you have any other questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue no idea why Daedalus would not have a light wallet for Mac or allow storage on external HD makes it usless for most Mac users given the non-upgradable small HD’s on Mac. Can I just restore a wallet with my Daedalus seed phrase on Typhon?

Yes. Typhon Wallet

… because light wallet apps are totally different pieces of software? It wouldn’t make much sense to have a “light version” of Daedalus. Those are done by other projects.

Not only Typhon. You can choose from a lot of light wallet apps: https://developers.cardano.org/showcase/?tags=wallet