Cardano node not synchronising

Hello, My Daeadalus wallet has failed to sync for now 2 days.
I have freed space in my computer (MAc), re started the computer (several times), updated all i could in it, and even desinstalled Deadalus to reinstall it … Nothing…
Can anyone help ???


What Daedalus version do you have installed?


thank you,

if you have the seed words for your wallet, you can try to apply this WA (but read it carefully):

if not, you can contact IOHK support team here


I do have it for sure but it is a bit scary… Thanks for your nice support

It’s not so scary, you will remove all files including the db from your laptop… but first you need to be sure that your seed words is correct.

Have you ever tried to restore your wallet in the past?

If you are not sure how to do this (uninstall daedalus), please contact IOHK support team.