Deadalus 1.0.0

hi can i remove the old version of deadalus after synced blocks new version finish ?

Yes, I and others have already done that, no problem. :grinning:


Hi guys!
I can’t open the wallet or use its new version, because of this error shows:
RED BACKGROUND// Attention, Daedalus is unable to sync with the blockchain because the time on your machine is different from global time is off by 22 seconds 275 milliseconds(this time).

Also, the “Support Portal” page showed error code_404.

How ever, with the same issue (RED BACKGROUND) the version 0.15.1 Daedalus Wallet still working (sync 100%) after a couple of attempts.

Could you provide any solution to fix the issue of the new wallet version in the nearest updates?

Could it be the problem of the clock’s (Additional, date, time) properties of my pc to sync with global time (

i don’t have any idea report to IOHK support download log and send to them

Yes, running cardano-node (daedalus runs one behind the scenes) requires your system time to be in sync.

Would be great if you create a seperate post if you have any further issues

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