Wallet Issues! (Daedalus is unable to sync with the blockchain because the time on your machine is different from global time)

hello, cardano a warm welcome from india :grinning::grinning:
Can’t open the wallet, This error shows after downloading the latest windows Cardano wallet:

RED BACKGROUND// Attention, Daedalus is unable to sync with the blockchain because the time on your machine is different from global time is off by 32 seconds. Also, its stuck on “connecting to network” Any solution?
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In my MacBook I just had to restart the machine to be fixed the global time synchronisation ( red screen )

just update internet time with windows

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Stop daedelus, if on macOSX go to your time and date settings and set time automatically with
Apple Asia (time.asia.apple.com.)
Apple Americas/U.S. (time.apple.com.) or
Apple Europe (time.euro.apple.com.)
use the time server that is for your area.

If on Windows you can set your time by following https://www.windowscentral.com/how-manage-time-servers-windows-10

Then restart Daedelus


@Chronicus for the best advice on this one.

There is a FAQ for this and I followed the steps to be taken and everything works.

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Experiencing the same issue.
I know how to fix it, but its pretty boring to have to do that every time.
is a fix in the pipeline from the Daedalus side??

If you have to keep doing it maybe there’s something wrong with your setup?

If you are losing time on your computer its time for you to replace the cell battery on your motherboard :wink:

Hi All, i am going nuts here trying to get my pc to sync. My time is ok and i have synced with Microsoft time server. I have followed every link possible and cannot get this to work. Under Diagnostics on Daedalus i see the following:

Any help please. Its driving me crazy

Sorry you’re having this issue but it’s different from the original one, you really should start a new topic for it. I’m guessing it’s your ISP that’s at fault but I don’t know.

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Hi RobJF. I believe it is as i also get the red screen described in the original post saying the time is off from the global time. I was fearing opening a new one might end up receiving feedback that there already exists posts like this one. I have seen this issue already around different forums here and IOHK but the same symptoms people are describing are not solved by any of the solutions im afraid.

Thanks again.

Plenty of people have had time related problems but I don’t recall seeing that message before. Anyway, good luck!

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I see you are using windows. Which version? Have you checked if W32Time service is up and running?

EDIT: Forget about what I wrote. I’ve tested it by stopping the time service but it still connects.

The Chronicus reply helped me with the same issue on my MacBook Pro