OSX: daedelus can't sync due to timing issue. After following instructions it does not start anymore

Hi All,

I’m new to this forum and Cardano, but not new to crypto & ledgers. I’m a little worried about the performance of Daedalus. I’m unable to open it on my mac. It worked fine until this morning where it gave a 'can not sync due to time issue.

I followed the procedure I found on internet, but now it seems completely ruined…

I’m sorry but you’ll have to tell us exactly what’s happening/failing to happen. “Completely ruined” is not remotely good enough.

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If you need urgent access to your wallet, install Yoroi (Chrome extension), create a new wallet, then send over your Daedalus balance using the bull icon.

If you want Daedalus fixed, then like @RobJF said, please tell us what it’s doing.


Should be easily fixed by pressing on the clock in upper right of your desktop. Then select “Date & Time” (last entry) —> time and date settings will appear.

Now select the checkbox Set date an time automatically. (if this was already checked just select a different time server from the drop down menu.)