Daedalus Synching on Windows Off by 15 Seconds - How to Fix?

Hello, I’m trying to follow the instructions for synching my Daedalus Wallet but am having trouble.

I am getting an error message stating that I’m off by 15 seconds and that’s enough to stop Daedalus from working completely.

I’ve looked at their help article, but the pictures are different than my Windows 10 Laptop.

I’ve manually clicked the sync button multiple times, but Daedalus is not letting me continue. All I want to do is to stake my Cardano to a pool. Do I really have to be better than 15 seconds in sync with the Cardano blockchain?

My Date and Time Settings say that my organization is hiding some options. I’m still using time.windows.com for synching though and I’m still having issues. Date and Time will not allow me to edit to the second on the machine. Any suggestions?


Alright, I managed to manually keep adjusting the time on my windows system which only allows me to set the minute and keep manually hitting the Daedalus Wallet to sync.

There needs to be a better way of connecting or setting date and time or having the Daedalus Wallet Sync with the Computer time. It would be helpful if the Daedalus Wallet put down what actual time it thinks the world clock is rather than have me guess.