Daedalus not syncing - Windows 10

Daedalus wallet is not syncing. It is sitting on 0.00%.
Synced my clock over the settings, but it still not moving at all.

From the pub log file.

With knowledge about the following eras:
- EpochNo 0 to EpochNo 1

t0 = StartTime 2017-09-23 21:44:51 UTC
e[34m[cardano-wallet.api-server:Info:406]e[0m [2021-05-17 21:47:58.65 UTC] [RequestId 1169] GET /v2/network/information 200 OK in 0s
e[34m[cardano-wallet.api-server:Info:90]e[0m [2021-05-17 21:47:58.65 UTC] [RequestId 1170] [GET] /v2/network/parameters
e[34m[cardano-wallet.api-server:Info:90]e[0m [2021-05-17 21:47:58.65 UTC] [RequestId 1170] GET /v2/network/parameters 200 OK in 0s
e[34m[cardano-wallet.api-server:Info:45]e[0m [2021-05-17 21:47:59.66 UTC] [RequestId 1171] [GET] /v2/network/parameters
e[34m[cardano-wallet.api-server:Info:45]e[0m [2021-05-17 21:47:59.66 UTC] [RequestId 1171] GET /v2/network/parameters 200 OK in 0.0009977s
e[34m[cardano-wallet.api-server:Info:406]e[0m [2021-05-17 21:48:00.66 UTC] [RequestId 1172] [GET] /v2/network/information
e[35m[cardano-wallet.network:Notice:406]e[0m [2021-05-17 21:48:00.66 UTC] Time interpreter queried past the horizon.
Called from:
“src/Cardano/Wallet/Shelley/Api/Server.hs:447:9 in cardano-wallet-2021.3.4-KmH7D5nGwT1APZy7kNNy0x:Cardano.Wallet.Shelley.Api.Server”
Converting expression:
Some (ELet (ERelTimeToSlot (EAbsToRelTime (ELit (RelativeTime 115084989.6634615s)))) (\x0 → ELet (ERelToAbsSlot (EVar x0)) (\x1 → EPair (ESnd (EVar x0)) (EPair (EVar x1) (ESlotLength (EVar x1))))))


What is the status of the node in Diagnostics menu (under Help - CTRL+D)

thanks - I would give a try to add more relays to the config:

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the link to the port testing tool is not working.
used this one to test the node I found close to me.

After some tests, got the correct yaml configuration and sync started.
It is on 0.53% now. will leave it connect.

Thank you a lot for the detailed explanation. Had this issue for more than 2 months and was unable to figure it out by myself (so much for me working in IT :smiley: ).