Daedalus mainnet 4.1.0 not syncing

Well, it seems this happened with an earlier version and I am not sure if the solution is the same.

I restarted my machine, router, checked firewall, checked network connection, shut off VPN, ISP does not block the process, delete and re-sync failed. Cleared dns cache.

The only thing this all did, bring my sync up to 94.65%, faster than the 1st time. 1st time took 3 days to reach 94.65% then it bugs out and connection just drops and reconnects, drops and reconnects.
I sent Ada while it was syncing, idk how it even allowed it but either way, I’m unable to even sync so I’ll never know if it even is in there or not. I’m no programmer so idk if I’m gonna be able to make the fixes needed, to get this thing online. I have discord and a mic. I can screen share if someone wants to walk me through it. I can take better directions than reading instructions. I always misread and mess them up. :sweat_smile:

Update: I sent this after about 1 hour of being stuck durring day 4.

After sending this, it reached 64.84% sync. I’ll update this again if things complete or improve. Suggestions are still welcome and encouraged.

P.S. “day 4” is day 1, after delete and re-sync. So I’m praying this was what it needed. It’s just taking all day.


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I’m very happy to try adding code and porting stuff. If you’re willing to walk me through how to even navigate that help link you sent in a voice chat in discord. Because It will most likely confuse me and I’ll make things worse. :grimacing:

I can screen share and everything.

If you have microsoft teams I can help you, we can set up a conference, just give me your email

I have zoom, Google meetings and I have discord. No Microsoft services outside windows 10 (not activated). Unfortunately. :pensive:

ok, then I can’t connect, sorry

Its OK. I appreciate you offering and responding. I’ll keep trying until I can get the help I need or until it eventually syncs this last 5.08%

I have similar problem, I think. Daedalus is verifying the blockchain and it gets to around 7% tops and then it says cardano node crashed, and it starts from 0% again. I have re-installed Daedalus, but the problem remains.

There’s a list of the things I had to check and look into, in my initial message here.

Did you also already try all those things?

And how long has it been at 7% for now?

could take more hours till it will sync to 100%

another tip for you… if u will want of course is to use yoroi wallet (it is a light wallet and it will move faster)

just install the yoroi extension from chrome (download only from official source) and:

  • open yoroi
  • add wallet (shelley wallet)
  • restore
  • write the daedalus 24 seed words…

now u should see the daedalus wallet imported in yoroi… you can use yoroi till the daedalus will sync


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I think I will do this for a quick fix until the wallet syncs. Is there a record for longest sync time yet? :sweat_smile: jk
Eventually I will have ethernet cable and a tower. That would probably help as well.

Thank you Alex. Much appreciated.

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I did move my appdata daedalus mainnet folder to another hard drive and not to my windows bootable ssd. May be that coused the problem. I am now installing again from scratch daedalus and it is at 94%. I will let you know what happens.


I confirm that this was in fact the problem for me. Because I did move the folder, the blockchain could not sync. I just deleted all of my folders after I uninstalled daedalus and started from scratch. I will probably wait until full Alonzo implementation/update and then do the same thing - move the folder in different ssd so I can free space in my Windows bootable drive.

This is good news!! Congrats!

I did the delete and re sync. But I didn’t delete the .exe because it wasn’t part of that tutorial.
Also I realized my pc only has 4GB RAM. So I installed 8GB today and we are syncing baby!

Go us! Lol ty everyone for the responses. Will stay in touch here. Very Nice forum. Very nice community. :ok_hand:much love everyone.

Happy delegation!

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Thank you Alex! And to you as well, sir!

Thank you for the tips! :pray: bookmarks rock.

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