Daedalus not syncing, Relays down?


Drive blew up late January. Got it replaced. Reinstalled Daedalus. Recovered all wallets on Daedalus. Fully synced before the Valentines day release and all wallets on Daedalus sync.

Started Daedalus in the last hour and will not sync. Starts at 95.74%
Then it stops syncing.
This error starts to show in the logs but with different relay addresses:

[31m[Owners-M:cardano.node.DnsSubscription:Error:193]e[0m [2023-02-11 16:35:49.19 UTC] Domain: “relays-new.cardano-mainnet.iohk.io” Application Exception: ExceededTimeLimit

Domain: “relays-new.cardano-mainnet.iohk.io” Connection Attempt End, destination outcome: ConnectValencyExceeded

What is going on. Are the relays havign a hard time?


What is going on. Are the relays havign a hard time?


It is possible but really IDK if u have the possibility to change the relays inside Daedalus wallet… maybe its time to migrate to a light wallet :slight_smile:

From an old post

Once you have an available node just put the address of it into the topology file.

The default topology file location on Windows is:
c:\Program Files\Daedalus Mainnet

The default topology file location on Linux is:
where XXX is series of characters but to find out what is that you can search for the file with find ~/ -name "topology.yaml"

The default topology file location on Mac is:
/Applications/Daedalus Mainnet.app/Contents/Resources/topology.yaml


You do have Daedalus 5.2.0?

Any earlier version will stop syncing once it hits the Valentine’s day hard fork.

I have Daedalus 5.2.0 but it is not syncing neither for me. My Daedalus is suck in Epoch 394 Slot 389,512. I would assume this is the Valentine’s Day upgrade.

There really are a lot of reports of Daedalus not syncing at various slots.

Perhaps, IOG’s relays have a problem right now.

Apart from the usual “Just use another wallet app!” I wouldn’t know what to advise.

Hi All,

I have light wallets that I use but for some reason I like having a copy of the blockchain and use Daedalus.

Seems to get a bit stuck “Replaying ledger from on disk blockchain” and then seems to be stuck at 99.74% synced.

I usually sync every couple of days but seem to be having trouble this time.


I’ve submitted a query to the Devs but perhaps others can query them with their own as well.

Hi, this has been reported by several folks, and people are on it. Thank you!
(PS: Interestingly, my Daedalus seems to sync)


Thank you for your response.

I like to be be “all in” when I commit to a project and with Daedalus is pretty much “all in” without having to commit to a bp node and relay nodes.

When Lace gets out of beta I will give it a try.

Once again thanks!!



The Relay network was having a problem when I was trying to sync. I have Daedalus 5.2.0.

Appreciate your response!!!



It all works now for me.

My Daedalus Wallet will no longer Synch on my iMac or my Windows Laptop. It gets stuck on “Replaying ledger from on-disk blockchain”. The sync will begin and then it loses connection to the network when it reaches from 38% to 79% completed. This is very frustrating and I have done all of the following:

  • Deleted all of the folders within the “Daedalus State Directory”.
  • Deleted the Daedalus Mainnet Folder.
  • Uninstalled the Daedalus Wallet software
  • Re-started the system
  • Re-installed the appropriate version 5.2 from https://daedaluswallet.io
  • Recovered my Wallet using my 24 Word Passphrase
  • Launched Daedalus Wallet to begin re-synch.

Is there anything anyone advise me of in order to be able to get my Wallet to load. It don’t have an issue with my home internet connection or accessing anything as my upload and download speeds are fine.

Please advise.