Cardano Node not Syncing

Hello Cardano Community,

I downloaded Daedalus a few weeks ago, and was able to access my wallet for the first day. After that, I was not able to access my wallet. The cardano node will not respond and it will not sync. When I open Daedalus, it says "Verifying the blockchain 99.9% but it never fully loads.

What should I do?

So far I have tried reinstalling daedalus and downloading logs (though I don’t know if I did that right)

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You can try


btw, what is the RAM size of your system?

@Rozaelli Hey there and welcome! Checkout these community workarounds for faster connecting and syncing with Daedalus!

Hopefully as the blockchain gets bigger and more users adopt Cardano they will address some of these performance issues. For now here are the REAL system requirements for Daedalus according to my experimentation on 4 different computers.

16+ GB RAM
With 8GB or less OS will hit swap space or virtual memory and bring your entire machine to it’s knees or crash as the Cardano node takes 4-8 GB due to memory leaks and bugs

4+ physical core CPU
The verification process and running the node will thrash all CPUs even on a 9th gen i7! Again performance bugs and issues with the Cardano node

25+ GB free disk space
The blockchain is about 12GB as of epoch 273 today, the Daedalus app itself will take another 1.5GB, you need room to grow!