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I’m attempting to install the Daedalus wallet on a Windows 10 laptop, it’s been syncing for 24hrs and getting exponentially slower as it progresses. Overnight it progressed about .5%

I’m probably going to can this to be honest but it doesn’t give me much faith in the technology design if already we’re seeing such massive bottlenecks, future growth only suggests bigger issues. Where is this going in the respect of scalability and sustainability…

Decentralisation seems a bit of a flawed concept if you’re going to decentralise everything multiple times, am i missing something here?

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Daedalus wallet right now only connects to a very limited number of sync servers… true p2p network discovery coming soon… till that you can extend the wallet topology manually:

Have you checked out the types of wallets, comparison/reasons to have those types and the options you would have?


Yes aware of Yoroi and Adalite, I guess there’s two things here, firstly as a potential investor I’m questioning sustainability in terms of Blockchain distribution/syncing to Nodes, if/when the network grows and the block chain becomes Terrabytes how on earth will that work…

As far as the wallet goes I’d chosen Daedalus because firstly it’s NOT browser based and secondly it was created by Cadarno so seemed a natural fit and instilled some trust.

I gather Yoroi is browser based but is also created by Cardano?

This area of wallet offerings seems a little ill thought out for such a fundamental element, for me I’d just like an application based wallet that I can hardware secure with my Nano ledger, that’s simple to use, fast, secure and robust, the unfortunate thing is that the current options may put people off investing.

As a point of interest I don’t believe I have a server issue with my download, it is just literally getting slower and slower as it progresses, no network traffic just 100% disk access for hours on end with the occasional .01% increase in progress followed by a period of confirmation…

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Extension is not the same as web browser based wallets. There is a lot of misconception around on what the wallets security mean, and unfortunately I have to say that it’s also due to some marketing aspects.

It is created by IOG, Cardano is a protocol. On the other hand, Yoroi is developed by Emurgo - they’re both official wallets created by federation entities, who work closely together.

I am not sure if you’ve used and checked the second option yet , an average user - in my eyes - does not need to run a full node wallet, and you certainly dont have to based on your post.

Running a full node (a user choice) means some responsibilities and expectation management. You will not be having to wait for that sync time once initial sync has completed (also, your speed sounds lower and might have to do with initial latency to trusted peers).

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At present default presets links your deadalus with a specific node in the network (too busy). You can find the topology.yaml in the program folder and manually update it to include other nodes. Syncing time greatly reduced.

Many thanks for the response, sorry for my misuse of terminology but you get the jist…

You’re spot on I don’t need to run a full node, it just seemed to be the best option at the time, I think I have been persuaded otherwise now.

So my experience aside what is the long term viability of the distributed Blockchain when it becomes far larger than it is now?