Syncing Taking a very very long time

Hey guys,

So I hadn’t opened Daedalus for a few months, a few days ago I decided to open it to check out the new upgrades that Charles has been talking about in his videos. I remember Charles mentioned the team had been working on or had implemented upgrades to resolve syncing issues. I’m not sure if this was meant to have been solved already or if it was meant to be a upgrade to be rolled out in an up coming release but I did encounter very long sync time still. In fact my Daedalus is STILL syncing blocks. to provide some background:

I opened Daedalus a few days ago sometime in the morning and was presented with Syncing blocks screen. The ticker was moving very slowly so I left it to do its thing.

By the time it was time for me to go to bed Daedalus was still syncing at around 90+%. My guess is that it was syncing for perhaps 14 to 16 hours maybe. Rather than leave my computer on just to continue letting it sync I decided to close Daedalus and shutdown my computer.

I then forgot about the whole thing and have just opened Daedalus again (this is some days later). On the plus side syncing seemed to have resumed where it left off at 90+% but still took a fairly long time. At the time of writing this post it is at 99.45% lol.

If it helps, my Daedalus shows (0.10.1# at the top.

Just wondering if this long sync time is normal. I had not had issues with syncing blocks before, But did have some issues (which I posted about) regarding regenerating wallets in the past.

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That’s normal. If you sync every few days it only takes a few minutes.

Reallly?? :thinking:
That doesn’t seem at all practical. Any idea if there are any workarounds in the pipe line or is this unavoidable? I remember Charles mentioning icarus will sync faster

Yes, I believe the next version (or next again) of Daedalus will sync faster, and other wallets won’t need to sync (ie download the whole blockchain) at all.

Coming to testnet in the next few weeks hopefully, mainnet in Q4. Until then, there’s Daedalus and Infinito Wallet.