Time for syncing blocks still very slow


I downloaded the last version of Daedalus-Wallet because I have my ADA still on an exchange and I want them safe on a cold storage. At the moment im at the step of syncing blocks and it takes very very long. Its syncing now for over 13h and its still at 47%. I followed all steps in the FAQ and forum. After using %appdata% and deleting the content of the DB-1.0 folder it started again at 0,00% and its syncing as slow as befor. (Deleted around 300k of elemtens) My internet connection is very good and I use a modern laptop. What can I do to finish the process of syncing?

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I’m not aware of anything you can do to speed it up, all of the options I’ve seen are for other scenarios such as failing to connect, or claiming to be fully synced but total is not correct.

However, it might be worth trying a VPN. In theory that should slow things down more but in my opinion, in this situation, it won’t make it any worse, and just might make it better…

Thanks for replying. I already use a VPN because without its not possible for me to connect to the network. Maybe the VPN connection is the reason for the slow process.

Could be. I’d love to know why so many people are finding VPNs necessary. Maybe it’ll change when many more nodes are online.

Well I tryed pretty much everything to get a connection to the network without VPN. Even openend ports manual for daedalus and cardano node. But it seems like there are a lot of people who are in the same situation.

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Little update:
After around 16h the syncing finished and the wallet is working now. For the people who are in the same situation like me: you need a long breath :yum:


@Impalax good morning. I’m glad to hear you have the sync complete. I am currently syncing my ethereum wallet to get 1 month worth of blocks and it has been in progress for 9 hours now since last night. Looks like it will take about 16 hours before it is complete. So maybe it’s a fair comparison?

(not the whole ETH block chain, just the last 4 weeks worth)

Zencash takes around double that, in my experience.