Daedalus syncing blocks takes a very long time


I have been opening my daedalus wallet almost everyday and I noticed that it takes some time to connect to the network. Then after I am connected to the network it usually says something like 99.87% synced. I see that it slowly starts to sync, but often times this takes around 15-30min. I don’t really find this wallet very functional if I have to wait 15-30min before I can even use it. My download speed is about 70mbs.

Is anyone experiencing similar issues? I am using daedalus version 2.0.1


Yes there are some performance issues but they will be fixed over the next few days/weeks. :slight_smile:


That is great to hear. Thank you for the update

I’m only concurring because this latest update is taking forever to update and sync. Only posting to give devs feedback.

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Yes, everything is very slow on my Daedalus wallet. It takes at least 5 minutes to verify the blockchain, then it takes at least 30 minutes to sync my wallet. And I haven’t even been able to use delegation because it was constantly loading stake pools. I am really regretting moving my ADA here at the moment.


It took me several hours to sync after updating to 2.1.0 — almost like being back on the ITN :slight_smile: Good thing I have been opening and syncing Daedalus daily since the hard fork, TFSM only knows how much longer it would have taken otherwise.

Redeeming ITN rewards went smoothly though. All set to start staking now.

Network congestion — right now just about everyone and their dog is busy moving funds, creating new wallets etc… It’ll improve as things settle down a bit, and subsequent updates iron out the wrinkles…

All the same: welcome :wink:

I had a similar problem today. I’m on Windows 10 machine, running Daedalus 2.1.0 which had a fully synced chain as of yesterday. I have 1GB fiber network, and my machine was only running Daedalus.

When I started the machine this morning, the site says 99% synced. It took 5 hours to finish the chain averaging 0.01% about every 8-9 mins.

To trouble shoot, I’d stopped my firewall, and virus protections. I restarted the computer and Daedalus. On restart the counter was slightly lower than at shutdown.

Watching network traffic, it looked like the software downloaded the entire chain again, although looking at the individual chain chunks in the …/chain/immutable folder, all of the datestamps were from the initial sync a couple of days ago.

Looks to be a problem here worth investigating.

(may be related or not, but my spending password also stopped working today. I used a copy and paste on that and it worked yesterday when Daedalus synced, so it wouldn’t seem to be a user memory problem. I had to delete the entire wallet and restore to get it to work.)

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Same experience here and I’m equally frustrated about it. Multiple reconnections, slow sync and stake pools not loading quickly. It feels like ITN indeed. Given Daedalus is what the users touch mostly, I was expecting mainnet to be a smoother operation, which saddens me a little. On the bright side, I’m thrilled by the team putting out fixes at record speed, so unlike the ITN I’m hopeful to see the experience improve dramatically over the course of this month. And to be fair, a lot has been done on Daedalus front end, so I can imagine the odd regression sneaking its way in (although it shouldn’t). I have in the meantime switched to another wallet to redeem and stake for lack of stability in Daedalus at this time.

Maybe to cheer things up a little… your funds aren’t actually “in Daedalus”. They are on the blockchain and so you should be perfectly able to transact with another wallet of your choosing. :slight_smile: Don’t let the issues in Daedalus interfere with redeeming ITN rewards or staking your ADA. The beauty of the blockchain is your freedom to choose any from (soon) many software tools to transact. You don’t have to wait for your “bank” (daedalus) to open at 9AM :smiley: . Just always beware of your own security before punching in anything.

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What was the other wallet you decided to use while Daedalus is as much use as a chocolate fireguard? All I want to do is create a Shelley wallet, redeem my ITN rewards and start staking somewhere again.

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You may want to use Adalite for that. Its a light wallet like Yoroi.

I second @Zyroxa . Worked for me.

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@Zyroxa @Dminfuse thanks guys, will check it out.

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Here is an update. I installed 2.1.0 and still receiving very slow connection to the network. Takes roughly 10min. The fix must not be in this release. I read through the changelog and I did not see any comments about performance issues.

The problem is mainly not in the program but the network, which is currently overloaded with everyone trying to sync simultaneously.

If it was the day it was released that might be the case. What happens when Coinbase and other exchanges list ADA? Cardano will hopefully grow and there will always be new people coming on board. Maybe this is just the limitation of the system. I hope it can get faster.

Are you still having issues connecting after 2.1.0 update?

Yes. I hoped that program improvements might make some difference despite the network issues but I was disappointed. It tends to mostly get connected now but the last 0.5% of sync is taking forever. I give it a couple of hours then give up, run it again next day and of course it has fallen back overnight! :grimacing:

@RobMcvay, similar to @RobJF, mine started today at 94.3%, climbed for a while and then lost connectivity. It’s still running, but I doubt it will reconnect of its own as it has been trying for over 15 minutes. Hope it’s not a regression from the ITN days that sneaked in.

update: and while I was typing it reconnected at 99.73% and just sits there, the CPU fan whining up and down.

Let it open in the background and be patient :wink:

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