Daedalus - problemo with many wallets - new wallet is worse

Hey all,
I’m getting an indication that Daedalus is actually far less performant than it was previously.
I am one of those lunatics who dared to create 30 wallets in Daedalus, and it has been working very well for me although I keep it connected all the time with a little down time here and there.

When it would have it down for 8 hours or so it would take me about 30 minutes to an hour to re-sync

When it was down for 8 hours or so I restarted the Newest version of daedalus with my 30 wallets and they were all 99.7% synced. After running all night my wallets are now 99.2% synced. In short, i am losing ground and it appears that my Daedalus wallets will never be able to sync.

This seems to be much much less performant.
Do I need a higher HW spec’d computer in order to do what I did previously?

No but you may want to ask yourself if you really need to manage 30 wallets in a full node software.

There are some usecases for Daedalus for sure but imo its not really useable for the averge user for a daily basis.

I agree it is a bit crazy to have 30 wallets in Daedalus. Thing is it has been working for me very nicely, however after updating to the newest version my sync is losing ground.

Could it be that this edge-case wasn’t tested during development & the wallet actually performs slower than the previous daedalus when 30 wallets are used? Memory usage is lower than before however I’ve got 32 gb available so memory was never an issue for me. Could tuning for less memory utilization have lowered Daedalus’ ability to crunch through sync’ing with so many wallets?

running Linux on an inten Nuc… it’s also possible that a linux update has changed something performance wise I suppose.

Was that update to 4.8.0? If yes than this is from the release notes:

Note: This version requires a complete node re-sync which could take several hours

Cardano-node was updated and needs to do a fast re-sync. As Daedalus is a full node wallet that applies to it as well.

Hi, yes it’s 4.8.0. The wallet revalidated the blockchain after install I believe and that took a while and went smoothly. I believe I also managed to have my 30 wallets re-sync and I used them successfully in 4.8.0. I realize I’m pushing an edge-case here and definitely pushing the capabilities of this small Intel NUC. This seems to be the 1st time that I’ve actually lost ground on the re-synch process. Seems the amount of data to process from new transactions is coming in faster than my computer can crunch through it all after the latest update.

It’s also possible that more data is flowing through the network due to increase in network throughput after the last epoch switch (blocksize increase + another parameter change) is the cause here… actually that could also easily be the case! In which case my silly 30 wallets + underpowered Hardware have officially become obsoleted as a setup due to Cardano’s increased throughput.

kinda cool if that’s the case :slight_smile:

Ok, understand. I thought the re-sync maybe was the issue. Not sure if Daedalus devs follow this communication channel so if no one here can help you then maybe it’s worth trying your luck at the Github repo.

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thanks… I’ll look into doing that :slight_smile: