Blockchain sync very slow


I’m using the Daedalus wallet on Linux, installed manually, it takes ages to sync the blockchain and once it completed, it started almost from scratch when I reopened the application.

It’s running since more than 6h, is it normal?
Can I transfer the ADA I have on an exchange to my wallet?

Still I need to get the whole point about staking and the premium received, any tip is appreciated.

Thank you.

Yes, you can withdraw from the exchange at any time. The result of which can be seen in any (online) block explorer. If Daedalus is slow, you can use a thin wallet like With a HW wallet (e.g. Ledger) you can significantly reduce the danger of theft (i.e. getting hacked). I’d say, it is a must if you have more coin than you’re happy to loose.

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Thanks, looking the hardware key, to be honest I don’t know much about that technology, that can be more risky than to store safely the informations needed to restore the wallet or sign a transaction offline, with Linux the drivers are also a problem, reason why I’d move to MacOS soon.
Any issue in the M1? Should I use Rosetta or natively from brew?

At this point I would evaluate an offline wallet, and clean the pendrive used to move the key.
I’m not sure if Cardano supports such method though.

The focus of this thread was about the blockchain slowness, I’ve chosen the official wallet to avoid issues with others, I’ve seen also Exodus but it’s not open-source, and I can’t risk to lose my ADA :grin:. So I would stick with the official wallet for now.

After 18h I’m still waiting the transaction on my wallet (as receiver), currently synced at 88%…
Is it really always so slow? Also, the blockchain update is incredibly slow…

Do you keep the Daedalus software turned on 24/7 to avoid this slowness?

Daedalus is a full node and downloads the full blockchain. On my machine with my internet connection that take less than 6 hours.

The other official wallet is Yoroi which is a light weight wallet (and does not download the whole blockchain). However, since that runs as a browser plugin, I would advise that it is used in conjunction with a hardware wallet.

It took several days, after the sync was done, it was instantaneous to transfer ADA.
We can close this.