Kraken to Daedalus & Daedalus slow

Hi everyone
I just joined this forum. I’ve held ada in a kraken wallet for quite some time and now decided to send it to a daedalus wallet. My daedalus has been synching for a while and the transfer went through a little while ago (I think) but daedulus still shows 0 transaction history or the received ada - I sent the ada ca. 1h ago
I know a full daedalus sync can take a while, but I’m just wondering whether the ada not appearing yet has something to do with the fact that daedalus hasn’t synched.
I’d appreciate any feedback on this! Thanks


Yes Daedalus is slow because its a fullnode wallet. This means you are downloading the whole history of the Cardano blockchain and thats also the reason your transaction isnt shown up yet because this transaction happened in a block which hasnt been synced yet.

Is there a reason you are using Daedalus over a litewallet like Typhon or Eternl? If not id recommand to use a litewallet instead.

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@boelljohn if you decide to use Typhon or Eternl, you don’t need to create a new wallet. Just restore your seed phrase from Daedalus. This is where Cardano is superior. :grinning:

Isn’t it quite similar on all cryptocurrencies? Standards for key derivation that ensure that the interface application is not that relevant?

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Ok thanks for the feedback- I have no particular reason for using Daedalus over a litewallet, so I’ll check Typhon and Eternl. Could lace be another option to restore my seed phrase from Daedalus?

Yes thats also an option :slight_smile:

How ever i prefer to use and support some other dev’s outside of IOG because we are looking for a decentralized network and if everything comes from IOG, its definitly not what we want :smiley: but thats just my personal opinion and as i said, its totaly fine if you are using Lace.

Lace has not been started on mainnet and it will – in my opinion – be many more months, until it is ready to be used there.

If they keep the current design decisions, I would not advise to restore a Daedalus wallet in it. Lace will be a single-address wallet and at the moment they decided to completely ignore funds on all other addresses of a wallet. For every Daedalus wallet that you have used for some time, you will only find a fraction of your funds in Lace if any.

Gotcha! I’ve imported my ADA into an Eternl wallet, not lace - all worked out!

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Congrats, Eternl is a nice wallet, I use it too. Lace is still in testnet