Daedalus Mainet not synchronised

Daedalus Mainet not synchronised
More than 7 days stuck at 97%

If there is no special reason why you would need a full node wallet, id recommand to use a lite wallet like Typhon or Eternl.

Are these lite wallets safe to keep my Ada ??

Yes, as long as you follow best practice.


Ok thank you for your info.But Daedalus if it’s not synchronised can I transfer my Ada???
And typhoon is it compatible with ledger???

You dont have to make a transaction. Simply restore your wallet with your seedphrase or, in case you are using a hardware wallet, simply connect your hardware wallet with Typhon.


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Got the same problem Daedelus Mainnet is Running, Daedelus Mainnet is responding, Daedelus Mainnet Time is correct, Daedelus Mainnet is Not Syncing last for 7 days already. It’s not my firewall because I checked and allowed Daedelus Mainnet access to the internet. But I have my ADA staked. Shouldn’t I first unstake my ADA before I restore my wallet into Eternl or Typhon?

No you dont have to do that because the wallet software is just like a gateway to look whats happening on the blockchain. Information like if your wallet address is delegated to a pool or how much rewards you have is not stored on your local computer, its all stored in the blockchain and this info can be requested by any other wallet software aswell.

Ah OK thanks, so if I restore my Daedelus Mainnet seedphrase in a light wallet I can still use Daedelus Mainnet once it’s fully synced again? Meaning I can use a Daedelus Mainnet wallet and Phython both?

I assume you mean Typhon, yes. You can use any wallets at the same time.

Yes sorry, I mean Typhon. OK then no problem :smiley:

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How do you withdraw your ADA Tokens when using a Typhoon Wallet? I try to submit a withdrawal and nothing seems to happen.