Daedulus Wallet

The first night I opened Daedalus and set it up it synced for a long time and finally got to 100% and I thought it was all completed and the next day I went to go in to see about transferring my ADA there because I want to support Cardano instead of current wallet which has been easy to use. I just restarted the Cardano node and it’s still not syncing or responding. Any suggestions?


What version are u running?


I did the update last night and it says 3.3.0

It is working currently. Thank you.

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glade to hear that, when you will done, if you will wish to delegate, I will appreciate if you will support me


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What does that mean?

it means, you can delegate your ada to a pool in order to receive rewards, I have a pool… so

How safe is it to delegate to a stake pool? – IOHK Support.