Hello. Why is it so difficult to delegate your ada? You need to somehow simplify everything or a detailed instruction. My Daedalus in mainnet works, but the new Deadalus reward cannot sync. You are experiencing a network failure and 0% cync block.

Hey im not sure if you are aware of the fact that there are currently 2 networks. there is a testnet where you are able to stake and a mainnet where its not possible to stake at the current stage (it will be possible at the 18th august).

if you have any futher questions, feel free to ask here.

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thank you very much. I’m new, I downloaded my Deadalus wallet, I throw off the ADA purchased on the exchange on it. Epoh 196. I could not figure out how to fix it. But now thanks again, I will wait on August 18th.


Same situation with me yaay, I guess we all have to wait for August and delegate.

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