New to Staking Daedalus staking centre question

Hi all,

I’ve been holding ADA for some time and decided to join the staking world. I am using Daedalus and believe I have just successfully staked my wallet.

I have just gone to make sure it has gone through correctly a few hours later and I now have no Delegation Centre tab in Daedalus (just wallet, ITN & settings). How can I fix this to see the delegation centre and make sure I have staked my ADA? Any help appreciated.


it usually pops up once the Daedalus finishes updating the the block chain. Probably the issue is already solved?


Hey there @keepcalmops

When you say this, do you mean you went through te process of selecting a stakepool and delegating to it? or would you mean you have created a wallet on Daedalus, moved your ADA in there (probably from an exchange or cold storage/ledger etc) and it has shown up there?

the 2 options are different.

@Johann_ADAholycs 's answer is also a very plausible explanation but that shoud not last 15 hours to complete (i hope) if your question is resolved, i think there is a way to mark that answer as the solution.

Happy Staking!