Loading stake pools Daedalus 2.1.0

Hey, guys,
Daedalus 2.1.0#14079 has been stuck on “Loading stake pools” for two hours.
I see correctly my wallet and the fees charged to the delegation #NoBullish #418 *** since Epoch 210.
In 40 minutes we go to Epoch 213
I wish to modify my delegation,
Please could you help me please :thinking:?

Super! maintenant c’est OK! :grinning:
Je pense que la synchronisation est juste très longue. J’attendrai donc le bloc 214 pour déléguer vers ADAFR :rocket:

Stake pools will not load on my Daedalus. 2.1.0 deleted and re-downloaded without benefit. I can see my wallets, and amounts, but stake pools / delegation won’t load. It just spins and spins for an hour and no stakepools shown. PLease advise and help!

A new version is due very soon but if you don’t want to wait you can use Yoroi 3.2.2 Chrome browser extension.

Sounds good, and it did finally load. Took a Looooong time though. Thanks!

In case people still having problems…

I had this issue and the solution was:

  1. Open Daedalus - in top left corner of screen click ‘Help’ and select ‘Daedalus Diagnostics’.
  2. In the ‘Core Info’ section click ‘open’ next to the ‘Daedalus State Directory’
  3. Folder will open and scroll down
  4. Locate the wallets folder.
  5. Delete following 3 files.
  • stake-pools.sqlite
  • stake-pools.sqlite -shm
  • stake-pools.sqlite-wall
  1. Restart Cardano node.
  2. Please wait for 20-30 minutes.