I cant see any stake pools on Daedalus? Keeps loading

Is it just me or anyone else having this issue? My daedalus wallet is not able to finalize loading stake pools. Have been trying for couple of days now. Would open the wallet and click on stake pools and it would just keep on loading.
FYI: It is 2012 Macbook pro

Same thing for me, just keeps looping. Will also not complete my transaction history. Shows my ADA but never completes loading. Using Windows. Everything worked and loaded fine initially.

ok it just came up for me. Maybe left it up for 15 mins or so.
It didnt work for me before when i left it like that.

Hey Rajdeep_Baniya :grinning:
I have same informations since this week…loading stake pool
Daedalus 2.1.0
my system: windows 10
I thinks the problem is the time in my PC, because Daedalus launch Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
I have not solution

The new version, 2.2.0, is due anytime, and will be much better.

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50x to 100x faster… yes please.

In case people still having problems…

I had this issue and the solution was:

  1. Open Daedalus - in top left corner of screen click ‘Help’ and select ‘Daedalus Diagnostics’.
  2. In the ‘Core Info’ section click ‘open’ next to the ‘Daedalus State Directory’
  3. Folder will open and scroll down
  4. Locate the wallets folder.
  5. Delete following 3 files.
  • stake-pools.sqlite
  • stake-pools.sqlite -shm
  • stake-pools.sqlite-wall
  1. Restart Cardano node.
  2. Please wait for 20-30 minutes.