Stake pool not appearing in Daedalus

I setup a stakepool and the nodes seem to be working properly - it even minted its first block today! It’s showing up on ADAPools ([TREES] Become Carbon Neutral - Stake Here | Cardano Staking) and in the Yoroi wallet, but for some reason does not show up in Daedalus

I thought this might be a problem with my installation of Daedalus, but I deleted the stake-pools.sql files which caused Daedauls to re-fetch all stake pools. I also had multiple other people check their Daedalus, but it’s not visible to anybody as far as I can tell.

I have found others with this same problem (like Stakepool not showing in Daedalus after updating metadata - #4 by KelownaStaking) and followed all debugging steps, but I’m at a loss.

  • checked if pool is delisted
  • checked if pool is retired
  • checked for errors

I have not updated the metadata in ~1 week (I found some posts saying that SMASH servers do not update immediately when you update metadata.json).

Please help! I am eager to find some delegators :slight_smile:

I just discovered that there is a retired pool that used the same ticker [TREES] ADA Trees | Cardano Staking

could this be the problem?

Hi @AJFunk, welcome and congratulations with your first block!

It seems your pool has an issue with it’s Metadata.

Check shows the info for the retired pool that used this same ticker instead of my pool - Cardano stake pool checker

so it doesn’t seem like the issues listed there apply to me. I’m not sure how to get to point to my pool info instead of the old one?

I suspect that my metadata hash may be incorrect - my understanding is that any change to the metadata.json file requires that I create a new hash and resubmit my registration certificate. I will do that today and see if it fixes the problem

Just enter your pool id. That always works and returns your pool’s data.

Correct! The hash of your metadata file must be the same as when you registered. So even a dot will create an issue

The problem was indeed a mismatch between my metadata.json and the metadata hash. All is working now!


Exactly, if you have the correct metadata, it should show directly after you send the new pool.cert

My stakcepool shows up on, and I am getting happy messages on the hourly heartbeat pings (topology), yet it has been nearly a week since setting up the stake pool and I still cannot find my pool on Daedalus wallet. Why crow, why!?

What is your pool ticker? Most likely you have mismatched metadata.