Daedalus wallet 2.1.0 not showing stake pool

Howdy! I have a registered stake pool that appears in pooltools, adapools, adalite wallet just fine. However it is not showing in Daedalus for me. Ticker: MARK - ID: 12e4492617ac5590657d6a4eae3b86b7eea39b07a0b01b85c0d6f791

I originally registered on the 7th. I did a re register earlier today after I noticed an issue with my original registration pointing incorrectly to the metadata json. Any thoughts or suggestions? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Not sure if it is helpful, when I look at the associated wallet under delegation center in Daedalus it shows
[UNDELEGATE] > [unknown] > [unknown]

UPDATE: I got this working. Some trial and error, what did the trick was renaming the metaData.json file AND changing the hosting location before doing a re-registration.

yep - web cached meta can definitely throw one off