After reinstalling Daedalus my pool is no longer shown


I am a bit confused right now. I have installed the Daedalus Wallet on a new computer. I wanted to Staked with this but unfortunately my pool is no longer listed to me.

According to this tutorial it is not delisted!

What could be the reason for this?

Here are two screenshots, both Daedalus Wallets are in v. 3.3.0. One wallet has been updated and the other has been reinstalled. One shows 1500+ pool and the other only 1400+ pools (Same SMASH Server) ?!?!!

My Main Wallet (there I also see my pool):

New Wallet (my pool dont show):

I have put so much work into my pool :frowning:

Is it a feature or is it a bug?

What is ur ticker?

My Ticker is CDA.

I see ur pool in yoroi, so can be a daedalus sync issue

Yes, I think so too, maybe I’d better create an issue in the git project…

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What can I say so far. IOG’s SMASH server no longer lists my pool because it does not have it in its database. Nobody could answer me why this is suddenly the case. I’m also not sure if this belongs in the SMASH repository or the Cardano wallet.

I will now just wait 24 hours maybe it just changes again ^^

Check this topic

Yes I had already read that and deleted the sqlite without success.