Stake pool is not shown in Daedalus

Following this post here - Updating PoolMetadata file reports Unknown through Deadalus - #7 by laplasz

It has been several months since I last updated my pool’s metadata.json file. But I did update the pools file at 9 PM UTC Monday. The SMASH sever looks like it still hasn’t updated the change and now my pool does not even show in Daedalus after almost 2 days of waiting for the SMASH server to update.

Great read here -
and verified if something was wrong with my pool’s metadata file from using these troubleshooting methods.

  1. Went to the website and looked up my pool’s status and everything looks great and the hash is registered correctly.
  2. Ran the command curl "
    Returned the following

[ ]%

Which I think the response above is okay.

  1. The updated metadata file is shown updated in adapools and pooltool’s websites as well.

Am I missing anything or is #IOG not updating Daedulas with the SMASH server every 24 hours?

Check the url/metadata size

Good suggestion. But that’s not the issue. I just updated the website and nothing else.

What is the ticker?

At some point IOHK decided to moderate the list of pools. So if you changed something like META, it wont appear for a day or so until its moderated.