Pool status UNKNOWN in Daedalus

Hi All,

Yestarday night i updated metadate of my pool. Noticed the pool was not showing up in Daedalus. Currently i am seeing “UNKNOWN” in Daedalus for my delegated wallet. I have verified hash and i am able to see the updated information in pooltool\adapool\cardanoscan.

I have followed troubleshooting steps as shown in the following URL. Stake pool is not shown in Daedalus – IOHK Support

I also understand from “Cardano Stake Pool Best Practice Workgroup” telegram group there was a issue with SMASH server. Please advise if the issue was due to my negligence or otherwise and how can I resolve it.

I also tried curl -X GET https://smash.cardano-mainnet.iohk.io/api/v1/metadata/[your-pool-id-hash]/[your-pool-meta-data-hash] and i was able to see my metadata in the output.

My pool details : VINCE VINCE pool - Cardanoscan

Thanks in advance.

Perhaps u need to wait more time till Daedalus will update the new infos


I see your pool got fixed. I am seeing exactly the same problem as you described after updating my pool. Did you have to modify anything or just wait till Daedalus picked up the latest changes from SMASH?

Fixed. I checked back a few hours later and all looks okay, some lagging…

Hi. Exactly. It took mine 1-2 days for the change to get reflected.

Same issue here with my pool ticker PSYA
After updating metada:
Not showing up in pooltool.io, Listed as Unknown Pool in YOROI
Only in adapools.org all seems to be correct.

EDIT: I got this fixed, forgot to update description change to my metadata.json online file.