Pool ticker not showing on Daedalus 2.0.1

My pool which is MARLN (Black Marlin Investments) has been registered for 3 days now and appears to have a functioning poolmeta.json file as shown in https://pooltool.io/pool/ed272b8d1587aac41273ee5f7badf5723784fa9676671d7b52b8c746/ .
I can find and delegate to my pool at adalite.io although it still doesn’t show on Daedalus 2.0.1 even after I’ve fully synced the app. I’ve noticed many new pools appearing on Daedalus but mine still isn’t there. Is this still a cardano-wallet/daedalus problem or mine?

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there was a news on reddit about this:

Same problem here my pool is not listed, poolmeta is ok, it is listed on pooltool and adapool, but not in Daedalus. I have the 2.0.1 version db sync but nothing. Did you resolv your problem?. My pool is CPOOL.

With the next Daedalus update this should be fixed
Let’s hope it will be soon
We know that IOHK team is working very efficiently!

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Actually yes I did. I found that if my poolmeta file URL downloads the file instead of hosts it Daedalus doesn’t pull it up. Weird but its fixed now. Make sure the hash is right and the poolmeta.json is exactly the same as the poolmeta.json file in your priv/pool/ directory.

Thanks. I solved my by reregister and using a description with a length less than 100 chars.

Hi all,

I registered Crazy Pool along with everyone else into Mainnet last night. This morning, looking at pooltool, it wasn’t showing my Ticker CRAZY. Having spoken to Papa, we discovered TinyURL was broken for everyone using their services. Therefore, I decided to take his advice and use PoolTools metadata hosting services. I reregistered the metadata and PoolTool is perfect. However, for the last 3hrs, I’ve had people tell me CRAZY is gone from Daedalus!!! Help, I’m really concerned.

Kind regards

Carl (Crazy Career)

Hey there.

Has this issue since been resolved after the latest Daedalus 2.0.1 update? Please kindly let us know if you need further help with anything! :slight_smile:

Hellow my stake pool is CPOOL. I can see it in pooltool and adapool but it is not listed in Daedalus wallet yet I have the version that fixed the error but my pool is not there. I have registered my pool for about 48 hour ago nobody can find it in Daedalus. Poolmeta.json seems to be Ok.

This should be fixed with the next Daedalus update

Please don’t duplicate questions, you waste people’s time producing duplicate answers.

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is it possible to flag as duplicate?

Not specifically, a post or comment can be brought to mod’s attention by flagging as inappropriate/something else but I feel that’s overkill for this issue.

Hey guys sorry by the duplication.

Fprtunately the problem was solved. I re register using shorter description wait some hours and now I am in Daedalus. Different cause same problem with the other guy. So hope this thread helps others.

Thanks everyone.

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