Wallet 0.15.1 still valid?

Hello. I still have full synchronized this ver. of wallet. Is it working for sending ada ?

As a general rule of thumb always try to have the latest version from https://daedaluswallet.io/en/download/

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Full node wallets always sync too long from the beginning. Thus was curious about is my old one still capable of sending coins to the net. I tried and confirm, It still working!

The newest version of Daedalus is very fast! I really recommand you to update your wallet to and install “Daedalus Mainnet” wallet.

If you dont want a full-node wallet, you could also use Yoroi from Emurgo. It even supported by Ledger!


I have both. I can attest to this. I keep my longterm hold on deadalus and have yoroi for quick access to some ada if I wanna move it from my mobile device. Deadalus is super fast once you have your initial download. Just open it up a couple times a week and you are gtg