System requirements not met, is my ada lost?

I downloaded deadalus wallet and clicked receive and got an address to send from coinbase before my wallet was synced, I had never used the wallet and didn’t noticed to was trying to sync, after waiting several hours waiting for it to sync I realized my Mac is one point under the system requirements. It’s taking all day to sync, would my transaction be on the ‘ledger’ still or lost because my wallet wasn’t synced before I made the transaction.

Yes, your ADA are on the blockchain. Daedalus is simply your way of accessing your funds on the blockchain.

If you don’t have a big enough system for Daedalus, you should try Yoroi (the official light wallet). You will need you seed phrase to restore your wallet on Yoroi.

I thought so, I’m fairly new to crypto .
Those problem I see though is tge deadalus wallet was never actually synced before I sent the funds from CB. If I have to use the Yoroi wallet, the receiving address from the unsynced deadalus will still work?

And thanks so much for the reply!!

The funds are not in the wallet, they are on the blockchain. As long as the address was valid and correct and that you have the seed phrase to recover the wallet, your funds are safe.

If I have to use the Yoroi wallet, the receiving address from the unsynced deadalus will still work?

Yes, as long as you have the seed phrase and use that seed phrase to restore the wallet on Yoroi all will be fine. Just make sure you download the official Yoroi and not one of the many fakes that will steal your funds.

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Fantastic!!! Thanks from BC Canada!!

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Hi there,

I have a similar issue. My windows 10 laptop only has 8G RAM and hasn’t been able to sync the last few % of daedalus 4.5.2 Byron wallet, keeps going to “Network connection lost - reconnecting”. When it rarely connects sometimes syncing % has gone backwards :confused:

I can’t find my seed phrase so unable to use lite wallets on browser, although daedalus wallet said it could restore from some directory file, which I’ve been trying to do.

I’ve expanded virtual memory to 4G-8G, I’ve tried partial empty of immutable file and total empty of ledger and volatile file, which seem to help with the network connection but again last few syncing % I get, “Network connection lost - reconnecting” for long periods of time.

I’ve already spent days trying to get it to work, is it worth me starting from scratch and fully empty of immutable file or will I no longer been able to access ADA?

Thanks for any help,

I just downloaded the yoroi wallet and used tge same seed phrase, it works.

Phew! I just found my 12 word recovery phrase on a usb a hid a little too well 5years ago. Gonna try load it on the Yoroi wallet :crossed_fingers:

Awesome!! Good luck!!!