Daedalus Wallet woes

Well its going on a week now and i’m stuck syncing at 98%.I downloaded thinking this would be a sure fire fix,however it is still stuck and keeps reconnecting.What is going on here?..Is there a known issue…Do I totally re install and start over.I would be lying if i wasn’t worried considering the amount invested.Thanks in advance for any solutions to point me in the right direction.

Hi, I’ve had troubles in the past with Daedalus as well. I’m a Mac user, but I own and know a bit about PC also. What has worked for me: before installing any new updated versions, I completely wiped out Daedalus from my computer then installed the new one. Also, instead of using my WiFi connection, I used a direct Ethernet connection.

Thanks for the quick response…With doing a full wipe out,are you having to do a seed recovery on your wallet?

I have also submitted a report an issue with Daedalus…I will follow up on the response I get.

ledger can not come soon enough

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It is quite a common problem unfortunately, official help here: https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/360001973594-Help


I have encountered this so many times. Now I just move (or rename) DB-1.0 anywhere other than appdata (don’t delete just now…) and restart the synch.

Then just remember to delete DB-1.0 from it’s new home.

What a way to run a software company; eh?

Your one user (investor!) facing product is so defective its been a constant topic for almost a year.

Take a look at https://rency.com/ratings

Now imagine if the Cardano wallet rating of 62 was 100.

What might that do to spur some confidence in ADA?

Another swift one to the gonads, Charles.

Wake the fuck up!

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I agree Clearview. Just a heads up,no response yet from the support ticket submitted to IOHK.I’m really at a loss.The community here is my support at this point.Im asking the group here…Do i wipe out and start over with Deadalus?,and if I do so…Will i need to do a seed recover and hope the seed recovery is right? Not really too excited about this.As much as I want to support Charles and his vision,I’m becoming wary.

Yes if you remove the program and delete the data folders you will have to do a full recovery. If you are and have been careful you shouldn’t worry about that. Not that you’re guaranteed to get it right first time (though it’s very likely), but getting it wrong won’t endanger your funds.

Edit: I wouldn’t uninstall the program, just delete the data folders after backing them up, they’re located at %APPDATA%\Daedalus (Windows).

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The forum is polluted with Daedalus wallet issues. For me i have yet to move me ADA to my Daedalus wallet due to the fear that I might lose them. And yes I understand the risk of leaving them on the Exchange but I feel it is safer them right now than in Daedalus. Is there any other wallet out there that supports ADA?

the wallet was initially buggy for me too but after the last release it has been perfect

important to note that the on windows the wallet is stored in 2 locations (that i know of)
1 - install directory
2 - c:/users/username/Appdata/roaming/daedalus/

If you uninstall it i think the roaming directory will persist (a local copy of the blockchain), so you’d want to remove that folder to do a complete wipe - however you will need your secret phrase, be absolutely certain you have it and it works before doing anything.

Performance on windows can be a little slow due to the 2 million plus tiny files in the roaming directory which windows file systems have a tough time dealing with, the good news is that the next relase will be addressing the issue which should see a significant jump in performance, especially on mechanical hard drives.

I’m not on the team, just another forumite, but I’ve been here a while and I don’t think anyone has ever actually lost ADA due to issues with Daedalus. And you now have a choice of wallets to use!


Thanks for some ideas and options,I will report back if I can get it working and the procedures to get it working.

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HUGE thanks for the community support!
Reporting back on step by step to syncing recovery for Windows.This worked for me,Proceed at your own risk

  1. Download and install the latest release of Daedalus (https://daedaluswallet.io) Current version at the time is (0.11.2#
  2. Restart computer.
  3. Open up windows file explorer and in the search type %appdata%
  4. Open up Roaming Folder/Daedalus
  5. Cut and paste DB-1.0 into a temp folder
  6. Open Daedalus and it should start re-syncing.
  7. Once done syncing and the new DB-1.0 is created,delete the the old DB 1.0 saved in temp folder.
  8. Wallet should be recovered.

Huge thanks to the community for the tips,Just relaying the information from all of you in a step by step!
(If I am missing something please let me know!)
Also another way to go about recovery as well.
Rick-Digital Fortress- Optional preparation for Cardano 1.4 by backing up 1.3 files - for Windows


I am in the same position do you think it is possible for me to go to a previous backup say a week ago before this nightmare in case i have copied the wrong keys if this is possible I can send my coins to yoroi download a new daedalus wallet with new keys and go to 1.4.1 from that point on …

Hi, if you need to restore some information, try data recovery raid 0 from https://www.diskinternals.com/raid-recovery/raid-0-recovery/, it is much fresher, more modern, more convenient and faster.