Not syncing blocks

Hey looking for some help with my daedalus wallet. I have had it working and deposited ADA into before. Now however when I try to open it I get stuck on syncing blocks. I know the initial setup takes a long time but currently I am actually going backwards in my sync status moving from 85% synced to 79% over the past week.

I have uninstalled twice and ensured my date on my pc is synced to the windows date and time.

any suggestions on how to resolve this?

Have patients

While I don’t mind leaving it go for a while what concerns me is it is going in the wrong direction. Another 1% further away from 100% sync since my last post.

I dont know man. It is working fine here.

stop the wallet - check that that there is no “cardano-node” still running anywhere (if so, kill the process) and restart.

There can be some conditions where the “node” (you are running a full node as well as the wallet front end) doesn’t cleanly shutdown when asked - just needs a little “persuasion”

Thank you for your suggestion!

I did try this is, it seems as though the node does close after I shutdown the wallet. So unfortunately still the same behavior.

Is there a way to start from scratch and recover the wallet. It seems even when I reinstall it it remembers how much of the chain it scanned. Can I get it to start from scratch and scan the whole blockchain again?

Thanks for your help.

For anyone else having this issue I managed to fix it.

This is for Win7 PC

–>Uninstall Daedalus
–>turn on view hidden files and folders
–>Go to Computer then the C: drive
–>Go to users then App Data then Roaming
–>Delete Daedalus folder from here then empty trash
–>reboot machine and reinstall Daedalus(have your Seed phrase ready)
–> after reinstall it will setup like a new computer sync up to the whole blockchain then recover your wallet.

Hope this helps anyone having this issue.