Latest Daedalus wallet not syncing with blockchain

Hi guys, I am pretty new to wallet setup. So For first time have downloaded latest Daedalus main net in my Mac and I have created wallet.all blocks are now synced 100% and no issue with network all green but my Wallet status is still 0%sync with block chain. I have already sent some ADA to my wallet and transaction is completed when I check that in explorer.cardano but my wallet still sitting with 0% I have double check address and it is correct.

Appreciate any help for this newbie!!

Thank you

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Hey @Shrestha

Did you already try to restart Daedalus and which version of Daedalus do you use?


Hi @Zyroxa , yes I did restarted my Daedalus multiple time and I can see version 3.1.0#15733

That seems the latest version.

Imo id try to restore the wallet on Yoroi and if this works id uninstall Daedalus via that guide Uninstall Daedalus – IOHK Support and try to install it again.


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or he can delete de db I think

So when I restore to yoroi I use my 24 word recovery phase is that correct? Can I do that in same laptop?

Thank you

Yes, you can do on the same laptop you will use yoroi chrome extension. if your phrase has 24 words then yes, restore with 24

After u recover ur ADA it’s time to delegate for rewards… I will appreciate if you will support my pool and my project ongoing…


can you please go to wallet - more and then “verify wallet recovery Phrase”?

  • Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 2.04.03 AM

Thank you, I just verify my phrase successfully and blocks synced are 100% but my wallet is still at 0% sync . I will wait for today and will let it run then I will try different option. I just want to make sure I do not lose my Ada which I can see in blockchain with my wallet address .

sorry for my misunderstanding, maybe is because of my english :slight_smile:
please can you explain the point below?
you said once it is synched 100% and then you said it is 0%.
is the first time you have a/this wallet?
after the first time you installed it, you just transfer ADA from somewhere to this wallet address?

So , yes I just downloaded first time this Daedalus mainnet and i transfer my Ada from exchange before completing sync and now it has completed block sync and it is already 100% refer my photos

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Hi @Alexd1985 i created yoroi wallet but I am not able to find option to restore Daedalus within , any more instructions would be great

Thank you all for your response I have successfully restore my Daedalus into yoroi and I can see my ADA


Sorry, already 3:00 am and I fell asleep , glade to fix it!

I have a similar issue, but my phrase is only 12 words and I can not access my wallet. It’s on 0% sync and doesn’t wanna move.
Any help will be appreciated!

Wait for the new release of daedalus (version 3.3.0) and u will be able to restore ur wallet via importing file… u still need ur spending password to move ur ada to a shelley wallet.

Be carefull and download daedalus only from oficial sources… daedalus never will be available for mobile (there is a scam app on google store “daedalus”)


great news :slight_smile:
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here is an interesting article about how to do a research for which pool to delegate.