Daedalus Wallet not syncing Version 4.2.0


Installed latest Daedalus version on Mac and since yesterday can´t get it connected.

Reboot mac, wallet, but nothing. Always “Verifyiing the blockchain (5,5% complete)”

What will be your best advice to fix this? Wait or reinstall Daedalus?
Can i use my Daedalus seed phrase and go to Yoroi wallet IOS app to access my wallet?

Thanks in advance.

This process takes quite a long time. Can take a couple of hours. doesn’t the 5,5% increase after 1 hour or so? If not, you might have ran out of harddisk drive space ? since daedalus downloads the whole blockchain on your computer.

yes you can. You can use yoroi desktop app (browser extension), yoroi IOS app or adalite.io
These light wallets don’t retrieve the blockchain locally.

I have the same problem my daedelus is not syncing with the cardano node i know its not my hard drive because i got 105gb left on it also i’ve let it run for 4 hours +. And it doesnt move a few days ago on the day that i updated it it went to 90% completed syncing but doesnt move from there please help

I’m having this issue as well. Just chiming in for the sake of solidarity.

I’m having the same issues. I’m also pretty sure it’s not my desktop or connection.

When I connect to the Cardano network (which it does occasionally lose network connection and prompt a “reconnecting” loop), it keeps trying to sync and gives me the message:

“Daedalus not syncing with Cardano blockchain… process is currently 62.36% complete.” It’s been at that percentage for the past 14-hours, and through 8-10 reload attempts.

But glad to know we can recover the ADA from yoroi with our recovery phrase