Stuck on verifying blockchain 0% complete

its been stuck like this since I updated, it won’t change for hours. I searched around and people have been having the same problem years ago. it’s a pretty awful experience to be stuck on a loading screen. I see the Charles Hoskington YouTube channel and he looks very competent so why is the software breaking? does he know about these issues?

Please give us more info on what this is about.

I’m having the same issue. Daedalus will not sync to the blockchain. I installed it today. Information I found says that it will take something like six hours for it to sync because it is full node. This is a major problem for ADA if this is what every user with an fast internet connection encounters. How are you going to convert Africa to ADA if they have to wait 6 hours every time they open their wallet?

How much RAM has your comouter?

You could use a light (non full-node) wallet like Yoroi, Adalite… If possible and if the investment is justified, I suggest you use a hardware wallet to keep the private keys on it as it’s much safer than having them on the computer or phone.

If you wish to use Daedalus, then yes, you will need to wait until it is fully synchronized. Also, every time you start it, it will need to download the data that was produced since the last usage.

Since november I have had the same issue. No issue for the previous year. To “fix” i have to:

  1. Turn Daedalus on
  2. Go to HelpDaedalus Diagnostics
  3. Find the Daedalus State Directory under Core Info → open that path
  4. Shut down Daedalus
  5. Inside the directory, you should see a chain subdirectory, enter it
  6. Inside the chain directory, you should see a directory named immutable
  7. Delete everything inside the immutable directory (around 10GB at the moment), also empty ledger and volatile folders
  8. Re-launch Daedalus and wait for the full re-sync

if i leave it running it will eventually hang again in a week or less. have to repeat the process above every time i want to use the wallet.

Daedalus wallet not syncing and cardano node not responding - Cardano Stack Exchange

using on OSX 10.14.4, 40 gb RAM, 1 TB free storage, 3.7ghz intel core i5, no firewall etc etc
daedalus version 4.6.0